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Forum Rocket Spanish Spanish - Vocab Pensé que me tomaba el pelo.

Pensé que me tomaba el pelo.



I thought he was kidding me. 

I came across this curious expression in a video. But then again, we have some peculiar ones in English for this:
- I thought he was pulling my leg.
- ...


Another one from the lessons:

Los boletos siempre se venden como pan caliente.
The tickets always sell like hot cakes.  (but the Spanish is slightly different)


Robert's example I think I would have figured out on my own. But some of the others...¡ay caramba!

As Steven said, we have some strange idioms as well. Last week I said ¡ay caramba! to my tutor, and was then surprised that she watched The Simpsons in Peru when she was young. No wonder the world has a warped view of the United States with Bart as our cultural ambassador!

We talked about the English equivalent of ¡ay caramba!, and I suggested "holy cow." She first asked me if that was an okay phrase to use, as she had read it on social media but didn't know if it carried hidden connotations. She then said that it sounded "estupid" and made no sense, a point that I could not argue.

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