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I am having on going problems with the pronunciation of "chévere!" when I use record. Any tips!!


One of my favorite Spanish words.

sort of a hard CH, accent on the first e, the vere


My advice: don't worry too much about the accuracy of Rocket Record. Many times when I know I am pronouncing a phrase correctly it thinks I am not. I think this is especially true when pronouncing a single word. I suspect that the more context the system has, the better it can interpret what you are saying.


Rocket Record has a hard time with this sometimes I've found. I've always just said "chEV-eh-ray." 


Don't lean to hard on Rocket Record.  Sometimes it's great, other times it's not.  I'll go ahead and throw my 2 cents in on the pronunciation.  I think a better division of syllables is to keep the "v" with the second syllable.

​CHAY-vay-ray (almost "day" for the last syllable)


I recently realized that in an attempt to speak quickly enough to keep RR from stopping before I was finished, I was sacrificing my pronunciation and sometimes the sentence structure if it had a lot of 2 letter words close together.

So now I start RR, speak slowly enough to make sure my pronunciation is correct, and not worrying if it stops too soon or misunderstands me. I am the human in the conversation, after all!


I agree with you Dan. It either keeps stopping the recording before I am through, or mis-hearing my pronunciation of the words. Worrying and freaking out doesn't help a thing! 


I share your experience, Dan. I do think RR is a lot better than Duolingo's record function, tho, as the latter seems to listen for select words and often even says you're correct before you've finished speaking! Grrr.

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