Pronunciation Feedback


How will we know if we are pronouncing the words correctly? 


This is one of the drawbacks of this type of course.  However, several people that use RS supplement it with skype sessions with a live tutor or in talking with a native speaker.  If you have friends that are native speakers, start using your Spanish with them. 


I use Preply for live tutor sessions on Skype.  I've had sessions with tutors in Mexico, Colombia, Perú and Ecuador, ranging in price from $2 to $8 per hour.  I usually approach them with my own content--specific questions from my studies, short stories, music translations, newspaper articles, spanish wikipedia--and I kind of take charge of the lessons that way.
I like being able to talk face-to-face because I can see in their reaction if they are having difficulty understanding me, and it's been a real confidence-builder in my ability to communicate effectively in Spanish.  


Does the "Rocket Record Difficulty" setting in the sidebar really demand better prononuciation at each level? I set mine at medium when I started the course, and while I sometimes have a difficult time getting it to accept my recording, I'm not sure that would be different at other levels (i.e., easy, hard). Anyone done any testing on this?


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