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spanish alphabet!


Hi, I've been wanting to create a post about the Spanish alphabet for some time now and , here it is!

Aa ,Bb ,Cc , CH ch,  Dd, Ee/Èè, Ff , Gg , Hh  ,Ii ,Jj  ,Kk  , Ll  , LL ,Mm ,Nn , Ññ ,Oo ,Pp ,Qq ,Rr ,RR ,Ss , Tt ,Uu , Vv ,Ww ,Xx ,Yy  , Zz!
for more go to


That's great! But I want to add that the "e" letter does not actually contain an accent. The accent is simply added to show that something is said with a different stress, like the word for "interest," interè​s.   Other words, like ferrocarril, juist use the regular "e." Otherwise, good job!

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