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Interactive Audio Lessons

The easiest way for you to get started and learn the most useful building blocks of French. Perfect for learning during your commute.

Language & Culture Lessons

Discover the finer points of French grammar and culture for increasing your fluency quickly and easily.

Fun Reinforcement Activities

Ensure that you really, truly know the material, and train yourself for real-world French conversations that you will actually use.

Perfect Your Pronunciation

Our state-of-the-art voice recognition system lets you practice matching your pronunciation to 1000's of French words and phrases.

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Download the Rocket Languages Android or iOS app, sync your progress across all your devices, and learn French on the go!


Strengthen your skills, train your brain, and have a little fun! Thousands of French words and phrases included.

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Easily see how far you've come, and keep track of lessons that need a little more work. See if you can top the leaderboard!

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Chat with other French students and Rocket Languages staff inside our friendly forum. Get the answers to the questions you need answering!

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This is so fun! I work full time so I don't have time to take a language class. I can do Rocket French during lunch. I love that I can download the audio lessons and listen to them while I work out. There are so many ways to learn the same thing over again that it really makes retaining the information easy.

Alison Johnson— United States

Salut Rocket French, Oui, I'd highly recommend Rocket French to others. Why? It is especially useful for "false beginners" like me. It was most beneficial to have a clear and concise explanation in English and then a comparison to French. The group French lessons I had recently taken would never explain in English what it was they were imparting, ie. an English translation of grammar points, or vocabulary, etc. - this was frowned upon. But Rocket French does this.

It clears up any confusion and lets you move on without feeling unsure or confused on just what it is you are saying/comprehending. You can really benefit from having this wealth of information to guide you and it'll give you a lot of confidence in learning French. I work with quite a few Quebecois and they have been very impressed with my progress ever since I started using Rocket French.

The weekly newsletter is most helpful in providing interesting aspects of French culture and language and reading the text has become easier and easier to understand. Often I start following a lesson and find I click on some aspect that I'm not too sure about and then follow this link to a deeper level and I get so deep into the subtleties that I loose track of what it was I was trying to study but nevertheless I gain a clear understanding of what it was that intrigued me. This increases my confidence tremendously that the next time I come across this point I can move on knowing I understand instead it instead of just brushing it by. So, I find that I now don't worry about not finishing a lesson from front to back because there is also so much more to learn on the way through the lesson from the links provided. A text book could never do this. The electronic version is so much more handy to use.

Boyne Saunders— Ottawa, Canada, Canada