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Eating in French

Eating in French is easy once you master this vocab! Find out how to pronounce different words about eating in French with this free lesson! Listen to the audio of French words about eating out, then practice your pronunciation with our voice recognition tool. Whether you are missing a piece of cutlery or a napkin, or the waiter asks what type of water you’d like, you’ll be able to speak French to ask for what you need. And after you’ve finished ordering your meal in French you’ll be able to thank the waiter too.

Talking about eating in French

Est-ce que vous pouvez me donner une serviette ?

Can you give me a napkin?

Est-ce que je pourrais avoir de l'eau ?

Could I have some water?

Je n'ai pas de couteau.

I don't have a knife.

You might get as an answer…

Oui, bien sûr.

Yes, of course.

C'est avec plaisir.

It's with pleasure

In France we have two types of water sparkling or still, the waiter may ask you what type of water you would like or if you just want a jug of water…

De l'eau plate ou pétillante ?

Still or sparkling water?

Juste une carafe d'eau ?

Only a jug of water?

Here are the names of some utensils for the table…

Des couverts

Cutlery / Silverware

Un couteau

A knife

Une fourchette

A fork

Une cuillère

A spoon

Une cuillère à café

A tea spoon

Une cuillère à soupe

A soup spoon

Un verre

A glass

Un verre à vin

A wine glass

Une flûte or un verre à champagne

A flute

Une assiette

A plate

Une tasse

A cup

Un plat

A dish

Une table

A table

Une serviette

A napkin

Une nappe

A table cloth

Le sel


Le poivre


L'arrangement de fleurs

Flower's arrangement

La décoration

The decoration

La musique

The music

In order to get the utensils that you are missing or that you need you want simply say…

J'ai besoin de….

I'll need…

Je voudrais…

I would like…

Once the waiter brought you what you need you could just say…


Thank you.

Merci beaucoup.

Thank you very much.

That’s it for today’s lesson.

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À bientôt! Marie-Claire Rivière and the Rocket French Team