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Signs in German

Learn how to recognize these all-important signs in German to avoid embarrassment and frustration! Ever walked into the wrong restroom in another country? Had your car towed from a no-parking spot? Been fined for lighting up in a non-smoking area?

Don’t worry, it’s probably happened to all of us at some time or other, but let’s make sure it doesn’t happen in Germany! These words and phrases are also useful to know in case you need to ask if something is open or closed, or explain that something is out of order.

Let's check out this lesson on signs in German!

How to pronounce signs in German













Die Öffnungszeiten

The opening hours

Parken verboten

No parking

Street sign in German

When you buy food in a supermarket and don’t intend to eat it right away it might pay to check the ‘best before date’ to avoid nasty surprises…

Das Haltbarkeitsdatum

The expiration date

Mindestens haltbar bis...

Best before...

Most restaurants have a smoking and a non- smoking area. There is a big discussion in Germany at the moment over whether to ban smoking in public buildings altogether. In the meantime it might be helpful to learn what “Rauchen verboten” means.

Die Raucherecke

The smoking area

Die Nichtraucherecke

The non-smoking area

Rauchen verboten!

No smoking!

Sometimes you will see big bright colored signs in nearly every store window. There must be a sale on…

Der Schlussverkauf

The end of season sale



Das Schnäppchen

The bargain

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Bis bald!

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