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Emotions in Hindi

How do you feel right now? Can you express your emotions in Hindi? How do you say you’re happy or surprised, worried or embarrassed?

After this free Rocket Hindi lesson you’ll be able to talk about your feelings and those of the Hindi-speaking people around you. Perhaps this will even take your new friendships to the next level.

Appearing happy just to be polite isn’t always easy, especially if you’re tired or really busy. Now imagine being able to say how you really feel in a Hindi conversation… Look out world!

Pronouncing emotions in Hindi

Talking about being happy in Hindi

मैं खुश हूँ

maiṃ khuśa hūn

I'm happy.

मैं व्यस्त हूँ

maiṃ vyasta hūn

I'm busy.

मैं चिंतित हूँ

maiṃ ciṃtita hūn

I'm worried.

मैं नाराज़ हूँ

maiṃ nārāja़ hūn

I'm furious.

मुझे आश्चर्य हो रहा है

mujhe āścarya ho rahā hai

I'm surprised.

मैं शांत हूँ

maiṃ śāṃta hūn

I'm calm.

मैं दुःखी हूँ

maiṃ duḥkhī hūn

I'm sad.

मैं शर्मिंन्दा हूँ

maiṃ śarmiṃndā hūn

I'm embarrassed.

मैं जल्दी में हूँ

maiṃ jaldī meṃ hūn

I'm in a hurry.

मैं परेशान हूँ

maiṃ pareśāna hūn

I'm nervous.

मैं संतुष्ट हूँ

maiṃ saṃtuṣṭa hūn

I'm content (with my life).

मैं हैरान हूँ

maiṃ hairāna hūn

I'm amazed.

मुझे प्यार हो गया है

mujhe pyāra ho gayā hai

I'm in love.

मैं ऊब गया/गयी हूँ

maiṃ ūba gayā/gayī hūn

I'm bored.

मैं थक गया / गयी हूँ

maiṃ thaka gayā / gayī hūn

I'm tired.

मैं उत्साहित हूँ

maiṃ utsāhita hūn

I'm excited.

मैं डर गया / गयी हूँ

maiṃ ḍara gayā / gayī hūn

I'm frightened.

मैं नाराज़ हूँ

maiṃ nārāja़ hūn

I'm angry.

मुझे नीन्द आ रही है

mujhe nīnda ā rahī hai

I feel sleepy

मुझे जलन/ ईर्ष्या हो रही है

mujhe jalana/ īrṣyā ho rahī hai

I'm jealous.

मैं ठीक हूँ

maiṃ ṭhīka hūn

I am alright

Well I don’t know about you, but Main uthsaahith hun about all the learning you’re doing! Since the very first newsletter edition you have gained so much new knowledge. Just think how much new information you have absorbed!

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फिर मिलेंगे । Phir Milengae, Nikita Sharma Rocket Hindi