Time in Japanese

This free online Japanese language lesson is all about telling the time in Japanese. By listening to the audio, and practicing the Japanese words and phrases aloud, you’ll quickly learn how to ask for the time and tell others what time it is.

By the end of this lesson you’ll be able to set up a meeting, appointment, or date in Japanese, and be sure that you will be on time in Japan!

Asking for the time in Japanese

なんじ ですか?


Nanji desuka?

What time is it ?

いま なんじ ですか?


Ima nanji desuka?

Do you have the time? (Formal)

いま なんじ?


Ima nanji?

Do you have the time? (informal)

Telling the time in Japanese

And you may get as an answer…

はい、もちろん です


Hai, mochiron desu.

Yes, of course.

はちじ です


Hachiji desu.

It is 8 o’clock.

くじ です


Kuji desu.

It is 9 thirty.

じゅうじ じゅうごふん です


Jūji jūgofun desu.

It's quarter past ten.

いちじ じゅうごふん まえ です


Ichiji jūgofun mae desu.

It's quarter to one.

じゅうにじ よんじゅうごふん です


Jūniji yonjūgofun desu.

It's twelve forty five.

あやまらなくても いいですよ


Ayamaranakutemo iidesuyo.

Please don't apologize.

もうしわけ ありませんが ...では ありません


Mōshiwake arimasenga …dewa arimasen.

I'm afraid I'm not...

Making an appointment in Japanese

Now let's look at what you might be asked when you make a 待ち合わせ (appointment) to go to the doctor or to meet up with a friend.

よやく して いますか?


Yoyaku shite imasuka?

Do you have an appointment?

いつ しんさつ の よやく を したい ですか?


Itsu shinsatsu no yoyaku o shitai desuka?

When do you want to have an appointment with the doctor?

いつ が よろしい ですか?


Itsu ga yoroshii desuka?

When do you want to meet? (formal)

いつ おあい しましょうか?


Itsu oai shimashouka?

When shall we meet?

いつ あう?


Itsu au?

When do you want to meet? (informal)

いつ に する?


Itsu ni suru?

When do you want it?

いつ が いい?


Itsu ga ii?

When do you like it?

いつ に しようか?


Itsu ni shiyōka?

When shall we make it?

And you may want to know how to have someone repeat when your appointment is…

わたし の やくそく は いつ ですか?


Watashi no yakusoku wa itsu desuka?

When do I have my appointment?

こんど いつ おあい しましょうか?


Kondo itsu oai shimashouka?

When are we meeting again?

Useful vocabulary about time in Japanese

Finally, here are some useful Japanese vocabulary relating to time:

とけい / うでどけい

時計 / 腕時計

Tokei / Udedokei


かけどけい / おきどけい

掛け時計 / 置時計

Kakedokei / Okidokei


やくそく / よてい

約束 / 予定

Yakusoku / Yotei


かおあわせ / ミーティング

顔合わせ / ミーティング

Kaoawase / Mītingu


じかん どおりに


Jikan dōrini

To be on time

おくれて / ちこく して

遅れて / 遅刻して

Okurete / Chikoku shite

To be late

Now you have no excuse for being late to that meeting! Until next time...

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Sayaka Matsuura
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