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Sheila Lee

Rocket French — Mount Pleasant Pa, United States
10 months ago

I would never recommend this course to anyone and I bet they don't let this be printed but I will find someway of getting a true review out there- I have tried for 6 days to contact customer service- No one is ever there- its 5 15 pacific standard time and they are to be available and no one is available- I leave email for 6 days- and get 2 stupid emails back that say the very same thing- update chrome and I already have updated chrome... More

Anton Musker

Rocket Chinese — China
9 months ago

Pace of the lessons is extremely slow. There are massive gaps in the audio, even when you only have a few words to say. The male voice on the lessons has an appalling accent, thus giving you incorrect pronunciation from the beginning... More

Edgar Tawes

Rocket Spanish — Statesboro, GA, United States
1 year ago

I was using Spanishpod101, and I switched to RocketSpanish based on online reviews. I regret the decision. I'm disappointed that there's no means to diagnose my proficiency and place me in the appropriate level... More

Jindrich Parik

Rocket French — Czech Republic
1 year ago

Well, the course is OK, working with the microphone helps. I am very happy with it. I am not happy and I have to say I am disappointed with the customer service. I have asked 3 times for the invoice for paid amount, nothing happened, no response... More

Chansse Evanns

Rocket Chinese — Paris
3 years ago

I was curious about Rocket Languages until I began using it, feeling comfortable with it and see the difference. Now, I am comfortable with Rocket Language, Lin Ping ways of healping others to understanding rocket languages. More

Michael Volante

Rocket Chinese — Alpharetta/ GA, United States
1 year ago

There is no functionality to allow you to quickly click on a word that you don't know to figure out what it means. Instead you have to wait through the painstakingly slow audio to hear someone tell you what it means... More

Anand Sampat

Rocket Chinese — Palo Alto, CA, United States
1 year ago

I cannot get the microphone to work in any way. On my phone the app skips and cannot capture my voice properly. ON desktop it doesn't even record always saying "Try again". I demand a refund unless I can find a fix... More

Milla Relf

Rocket Korean — Kiev, Ukraine
10 months ago

The web site is complicated and not very user friendly. I've spent 5 min trying to figure out how do I start the lessons and where to begin the studying. It's stupid to spend so much effort on a web site to have people leave confused... More

Linda Francis

Rocket French — Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
6 months ago

Shame on you Rocket Languages! There has been some improvement but your system still keeps freezing, not transmitting your words and not recording mine. The little bars that wiggle and show the microphone is live freeze, i... More

Manal Abdel-hamid

Rocket French — Egypt
4 months ago

I have had a technical problem with Rocket French for over a month now. I cannot play the audio files of ALL interactive lessons, and that is on several different devices. The support team has not been able to fix it for me, and their response rate is too slow... More

bubill yang

Rocket Japanese — china, China
2 months ago

Rocket languages supply "Translation method" for learning 2nd Languages . It's the same as in the school. There worse has no photos to understand by view , no stroke order . Too many lessons for beginners . More

Omer Yavuz

Rocket English — Ankara, Turkey
3 months ago

Your application is not running on Android phone. Whenever I activated microphone, program stops. I tried to run iPhone but it needs iOS 10 later. I can not run on iPhone. I tried to open on Android phone using Google Chrome... More

Brianna Warner


Rocket Spanish — PA, United States
1 day ago

The program does not pick up your voice and it is very frustrating when your trying to learn especially when you have to get 100% to continue with the lesson. It would help if the program was improved in saving too because it is constantly loosing my progress... More

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