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Rocket German — Plymouth, Minnesota

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Before subscribing to Rocket German, I had tried for years, off and on, to learn German. I read primers, readers, phrase books, listened to CDs and even took the first two levels of Rosette Stone, but I never really got much past the basics. I could read some, but couldn't understand it when it was spoken, and had difficulty communicating in anything except very simple phrases.

Now, with Rocket, I can feel myself finally rising above that basic plateau. I suppose one could say it was my fault for not working harder and that would be true. I didn't work hard enough. I realize now I am working much harder than previously, but the thing is, with Rocket it doesn't seem like such hard work.

The thing about Rocket, I think, that makes it so effective is that it is structured in a multi dimensional way that keeps your interest and provides the tools and exercises to accommodate various learning styles. Some times my brain hurts and I have to take a break for a day (just like working out at the gym), but I never get bored. Besides the lessons, I find that I enjoy the forum. That actually surprised me because I'm not a social networking sort of guy. However, it is a good way to ask specific questions of a language expert, share problems with other students, and meet some interesting people. I think Rocket is a great course and a great buy.