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Alright, so I have been using Rocket Chinese for about a year now. I was attracted mostly by the price and the amount of features involved. I was not about the drop hundreds of dollars on Rosetta's Stone or Pimsleur, but I did want quality learning. There are hundreds of ways to learn Mandarin for free on the internet. I realize that. But I needed a place that could provide grammatical support, and have comprehensive lessons that taught a higher level of understanding to the language. Here is what I got:
-Good entertaining lessons -Motivation -An overall look at the language -Chinese culture And here are the things that I have noticed need improvement -Despite the recent edits to the "Hear it, Speak it" I definitely think that it can be fixed up even more -The point system can be more comprehensive for example someone that practices every day, reviewing old lessons will never get the same credit as someone who just puts random answers for quizzes, answers BS for blog posts. I know the end goal is to learn the language and these people wont be doing that but you get the idea -Chinese writing section I think could definitely use some improvements, and a way of testing yourself to learn the characters. -More video involvement and multimedia. If you want to be competitive with even the free services out there on the internet there needs to be a greater commitment to trying new things with video, graphics, games and whatnot And that's pretty much it. I'm going to China soon, and I feel that while I benefited from having this course, that it definitely has a lot of room for improvement, which I hope you will consider. -Danny