Rocket Spanish

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Rocket Spanish is simply the best language course available (at any price); and as a bonus the price of Rocket Spanish itself is quite modest. I have tried virtually all rapid learning methods available in my quest to learn Spanish and have found the Rocket system superior for a variety of reasons including (but not limited to):
1) Portability - lessons are brief and can be downloaded as mp3 files for listening during travel (i.e. you are not stuck in front of a computer) 2) Engaging conversations and situations that are applicable for foreign travel 3) Grammar lessons are designed to be painless and effective 4) It is rather entertaining ... I find I can spend hours studying without feeling fatigue 5) Price - the cost of this program is a mere fraction of the cost of it's competitors; yet more overall more comprehensive and effective 6) Consistent improvement. The Staff of Rocket Spanish are constantly at work examining their product and adding features to make the features yet more effective. I highly recommend this product to anyone whose work or travel requires the mastering of a foreign language; as well as for the culturally curious who simply want to have some fun.