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Just to put things into context, I completed Rosetta Stone a few years ago and at the end of it, I knew a lot of nouns, phrases, and partial sentences, but couldn't string together a handful of sentences together into any kind of meaningful conversation. Suffice it to say, as a cinephile and avid traveler, I had aspired to a proficiency level somewhat higher than a Francophone toddler.
Now that I've almost completed Premium Level (already have Premium Plus and Platinum on tap), I'm definitely picking up a lot more nuances in film dialogues, and I am also more confident about my pronunciation. The Rocket Reviews are really useful in getting you to think about the different variations and syntaxes that you can apply to the lesson you've just completed. The Language and Culture modules have a lot of substance to them, and hopefully, they can be deeper integrated into the Interactive Audio modules. As a specific example, the 'Putting Things Together' lessons were exactly what I was looking for in terms of having the facility/vernacular to string together phrases into a coherent sentence without guessing the applicable joinders (like "by the way", or "nevermind") by translating English terms word for word and hope that they use a similar expression in French.