David Potts

Rocket Hindi United States

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I chose to try the Rocket Language course (Hindi) because of its lower price in comparison to its competitors and the good reviews that it has received. However, I have had many frustrations in using the course. Things that have been frustrating, include, primarily: inaccuracies in spelling, inaccuracies in grading exercises and waiting for weeks to get responses to e-mails. Because I paid less for this course than many others on the market my disappointment has been moderated somewhat.
Your other languages may merit higher marks, which may be the reason this product gained the better reviews which you reference in your promotional material. I would find it difficult to substantiate their claims based upon the Hindi course alone. I thought maybe this is a sort of Beta software where you are still trying to work the bugs out. At least that may be the case for the Hindi course. I might have done more to help you with pointing out the errors except your response time for the few times I tried was pitifully slow. On the positive side: I have made some genuine progress. I do appreciate the improvements that have been made since starting the course. The exercises (Hear it, Write it, Know it) are for me the strongest aspect of the course. Not having a time limit is also generous on your part. Hopefully, you will continue to make improvements. Some suggestions for further improvement: access to greater dictionary resources and more thorough grammar resources. Perhaps you could provide access to a good online Hindi-English dictionary?