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I am 82 years of age.I retired from medicine (family practitioner) some two years ago. My paternal grandparents emigrated from Germany and settled on the land about the middle of last century.
I followed my father on the original land my Grandfather selected. at age 30 I felt the urge to study medicine.I did my matriculation studies by correspondence as well work the farm. I matriculated aged 40 and spent 40 tears as a medico. I mention the above for 2 reasons. firstly with our knowledge of neuroplasticity we now know age is no bar to learning new information. Secondly found my correspondence studies extremely helpful. I was able to study when most convenient as well carry out full time farming. That is why I find your course so wonderful. I can pace my studies. It is good for my brain! and I don't have to attend university and it gives me an affinity with my forebears! I highly recommend you course and gives me great pleasure to do so