Grover Wong

Rocket French BURNABY

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I thought it was quite similar to mango languages that i could obtain free from my local library but it turns out to be much better. I really like the notes area that allows you to save your own personal notes. You can easily copy and paste. The keyboard is a bit of a hassle. The audio files can be downloaded to my ipod so i can listen to them in the car. it really is a much better product. The Hear it and Say it are the key. You can reset it and do it as many times as you wish. That's when you really know if you are learning something new. It challenges you at a faster pace than mango languages. mango also has the voice recording but the extras which are: the notes that you can save, the downloadable audiofile so you can listen on your ipod or in your car on your auxiliary device, the Hear it, Say it, Know it: All of these are what put's it ahead. and i can get access to it anywhere internet is available rather than just on my home computer without taking much space. it's like the icloud where you can access stuff anywhere but it doesnt use up computer memory.