Katinka Smit

Rocket German

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I moved to Germany with my (then) boyfriend, to learn more about him and his family/home/friends. I had no German at all and had to learn everything from scratch. I completed an intensive course through the local Volkshochschule and started working at the DeutschePost with my limited language. We stayed for 6 months and I wanted to learn more, but had limited opportunity or know how, trying Berlitz (too condescending and not real, everyday language) and another course, also I bought grammar and verb books. Very patchy results. Then I stumbled upon Rocket German and tried the free trial, and signed up immediately after receiving only 3 of the free lessons. I was impressed with the immediate results and the ability to be flexible with the language. Over a period of 6 months I did the first level at Premium, and learnt enough German to speak with German customers in my role as a dive master in Thailand. My partner and I returned to Germany and were married there (keine Uebersetzung!) - I made a speech in German at my wedding and impressed everyone with how much my language had improved and deepened (und ich sagte "ja, ich will" and signed my life away! :) in German. ) What I found especially useful with the way the course was taught though, is that it taught me how to teach myself; how to build on what I knew and how to surmise meaning and word building from what I had already learnt, rather than learning useless set phrases in falsified accents that nobody uses. I then later lived in Germany again for another year while waiting for my husband's visa, and my language improved from usage rather than study. Now we are back in Australia and I've started on the courses again as I can recognise how much they will help me to retain what I already have and also continue to improve without the daily saturation that I had over there. I want to be bilingual so our children can have both languages and also to stay in contact with the wonderful friends and now family that I have over there. Germany is my second home and I want to have it in my tongue, as well as my heart. Rocket German reaches into real language learning where it really matters - being able to talk to native speakers and to have a relevant use of language that matters to you.