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Rocket Japanese

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Like many other members Rocket Languages is helping me achieve my dream of being a fluent speaker of a new language. I've always had a fascination with Japan, its culture and its language and it is a truly fulfilling experience to see how quickly I can advance - I can read, write and say so much!
I have been using Rocket Japanese for two years and found the site to be easy and exciting to use. It's so important to me to be able to hear a native speaker of the language because if I'm going to speak in it, I'm going to sound right; no half measures with me! What I truly enjoy and appreciate is the culture lessons. Japan is so intact with its history and traditions it is truly fascinating - and very, very different to Europe. It is important to be able to feel like you have got to know the country a little bit and not feel like you are at risk of inadvertently causing offence. This is especially if you are aspiring to live (or even visit) there one day, as is the case with myself. The lessons provide quite complex sentence structures straight away which I couldn't truly appreciate until I had had some classroom lessons which built a solid foundation for grammar and syntax. I always like to fully understand how and why, so I found that learning at first was dependant upon repetition - a kind of blind learning. Understanding what I was learning semantically was fine, the conversations give plenty of context and broke things down nicely, but my motivation waned in light of my frustration at not understanding comprehensively. Being able to interact with fellow learners one to one and challenge each other with your new language is great and is not something Rocket Languages can really provide the same way a classroom can. I recommend supplementing your Rocket Languages course with a classroom course. Finally, the new badge system is great fun and a nice motivator, but if you do find yourself struggling Rocket Languages provides some useful tips to get you learning again in the toolbox section. Overall, Rocket Languages is a fantastic learning tool and I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn a new language without having to break the bank! Arigatoo Rocket Languages!