Debora Inklaar

Rocket Hindi Ramla

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What I love about the course is that even in the very first lessons I started to say simple things, as you learn useful words that you can use in any situation. That really boosted my confidence and it helped me to stay motivated to continue the course.
Also it is interesting. You can do the dialogues playing the role of one of the speakers. That is very useful as you can start to feel at home with the language. It is like really having this conversation with someone. It is not difficult, as words and sentences are repeated a lot and that helps me to remember. Every new lesson there is a review of the former lesson and the new lesson uses many of the words you already know, so you can understand fairly well what is being said. I try sometimes to find some free courses on the internet, but this course is worth every penny! Last but not least, when I pay for something it helps me to be more serious about learning :)