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After the first couple lessons from the first course I immediately bought the other two courses. My methodology consists of using the material between the various levels at anytime. I am over 50 years therefore my plan is fluency IN THE SHORTEST POSSIBLE TIME and not just extending my vocabulary or learning a few sentences. Rocket Spanish met ALL my expectations:
1. colloquial topics that does not sound too bookish 2. conversation at a moderate pace (not too slow not too fast) 3. the interactive features are fantastic 4. having the full transcript to help with the conversation is a God-send 5. the grammar lessons are presented in simple clear concise but very thorough manner (my textbook cover the same amount of material in two or three chapters which makes the language appear more difficult to learn) 6. a one time price (contra periodic subscription) is pure value for money 7. I particularly like the look and easy navigation of the site ( I am usually a fussy person that can quickly spot mediocre workmanship...but Rocket Spanish immediately lets one feel the sense of pride and diligence that went into building the site). WITH EACH USE OF ROCKET SPANISH I FEEL ONE STEP CLOSER TO FLUENCY. Suggestion for possible long term addition : 1. usage of various accents (and maybe at various speeds) Adios (Thanks for a great site)!!