Alexander Voronetsky

Rocket Spanish

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This is the core of the software and how you learn. With over 65 audio lessons it's really the backbone of it. This is the section of the site you will be in the majority of your time. Basically, you are given a dialogue between two or three people and you are supposed to listen to it and read along out loud. I actually really like how they do this vs Rosetta Stone or other programs because it gets you speaking the language really quick. It also gives you words in their context which shows how they are used and where they are put in a sentence.
After you have listened to the dialogue a couple times, you are then supposed to practice using the “Rocket Record” function. You simply record yourself and compare it with the native speakers accent. You are also given the ability to role play in the dialogue — meaning one person in the audio is taken out and you speak those parts instead.