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Rocket Japanese

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Japan always has fascinated me & when I visited it, I was spell bound. The people, the culture, their politeness, i.e. in one word 'Everything'. The Empire of the Rising Sun, states exactly how Japan is. I never thought in my life, that one day I might get the opportunity, to learn Japanese. Thanks to my business, I got Japanese clients & to honor them, I wanted to learn Japanese. Domo arigtou guzaimasu "Rocket Japanese", that means to you Kenny San & Sayako San. The hard work you have gone through, has blessed my business in so many ways & shall these blessings be with you two as well. My life has changed entirely because of your honest dedication, which gave me a lot of hope & strength. I will further purchase & tell anyone who wants to learn Japanese about "Rocket Japanese" to buy it, because it is more than worth it. Aishi the i masu. Sharmila Ray!!!