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Average Rating: 4.7

Marianne Gutierrez

Marianne Gutierrez

Rocket Japanese — Tacoma, WA

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This is a great program that uses a mix of audio, text, and quizzes to help you learn a language. I'm trying to learn Japanese and I was very relieved when I saw the program has all the writing methods of Japan (Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana, and Romaji). I am also glad that they incorporated a way for me to record myself speaking the language. This way I can compare myself to that of the native speaker. I am currently using the Rocket Languages iOS app for my iPhone and it works perfectly (except for some audio files that won't play 100% of the time).

I would recommend this to my friends and family. Actually, I've already recommend this program to my husband, who wants to learn Spanish.

I encourage anyone, who is motived to learn a new language, to use Rocket Languages.