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You should try as many resources as possible when learning a new language. Prior to Rocket Languages, I consulted a textbook, Rosetta Stone software, and Pimsleur audio lessons. The Rocket Languages program is the most balanced approach, when it comes to learning styles.
Textbook + Index and dictionary + Many opportunities for explanation and background information - Very linear - Not immersive Rosetta Stone + The most vocabulary + Visual reinforcement through images + Very slick interface - No English - No explanations - Images are bad at expressing multiple ideas - Images are bad at expressing time and use of tenses - The grading scale is unhelpful Audible + Efficient explanations + Easy progression in small steps + Lots of repetition - The reading lessons are tacked on at the end - Poor exposure to the written word - Poor explanation of tenses Rocket Languages + Listening, Reading, and Speaking functionality is strongly integrated + High quality audio + PDF handouts and downloads make it easy to learn away from the computer + Curriculum offers multiple definitions, when appropriate - The progression is a little fast - Needs more repetition within the audio lessons - Maybe pair the audio lessons with a slideshow for visual reinforcement? Rocket Languages is the best value, when compared to other learning solutions. I will go to Rocket Languages first when I try my next language.