Kathleen Harper

Rocket German

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I compared several language programs and test-drove Rocket German before I purchased the whole series. Rocket Languages is so well-designed - it accommodates most people's learning preferences and provides a great deal of engaging learning opportunities. The audio portion is fun and useful; the practice (especially the recording feature) is SO helpful; the new feature that allows me to practice writing is extremely helpful; the games help reinforce what you learn in a competitive way; the forum is a great place to connect with other learners and ask questions (or find answers if you're too timid to post your own!) ... I use Rocket Languages *nearly* every day and have noticed how well I'm retaining and using German as I continue taking these lessons.
As a student of German in college, I thought that over the years I'd "lost" the language as I haven't had much opportunity to use what I knew... but taking this language course has showed me that I hadn't lost it at all... the more I study RL, the more words from my past lessons come back to me. And the price for all three courses is very reasonable, particularly with 24/7 access. Online learning can be "iffy" ... but Rocket Languages has it figured out. I design online courses for a living and can vouch for the integrity of theory and quality of the instructional design of these courses. It's great stuff!