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It is a usefull language learning system, I especially like the MP3 files, however I have spotted a few problems with the website, these are: Unit = 2.11 the website says metro = Underground however it Should be = metro = meter & Underground = metropolitan Its ok to put in names & so not translate them - But not ok to say a name is a translation when it is not. Unit = 2.12 the website says Lavoro manuale = Labor however it Should be = Lavoro manuale = manual work & Lavoro = Labor Unit = 2.13 the website says Quant'è? = How much does it come to? however it Should be = Quant'è? = How much? & venuto a = come to Unit = 3.4 the website says Abbastanza = Fairly bad. however it Should be = male = bad Unit = 3.4 the website says Allora riposa e cerca di dormire. = Ok then, have a rest and try to sleep. however it Should be = Ok then, have a rest = Ok allora, avere un periodo di riposo Unit = 3.7 the Problem is English words on wrong (italian) side for: ham, cabbage & she arranges Unit = 3.7 the Problem is all più words have extra letters in them = più Unit = 3.7 the Problem is ' is confusing in It's hotter (more hot) today than yesterday. Unit = city & country the Problem is English talking in Italian sound (Dov'è la stazione di polizia?) Unit = food the website says Un Cornetto = Croissant however it Should be = Un Cornetto = a Cornetto & Croissant = Croissant also My Vocab sometimes doesn’t work. So I can't add another word I can't delete words from my vocab, despite clicking (delete from my vocab) although I always get my points, it sometimes takes a long time for the new number to appear on my badge These are my views. I am only a beginner studying Italian, therefore if I have not understood something correctly that I have commented on above, please forgive me. thanks