Jim Jutte

Rocket Chinese Wujiang/Jiangsu

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I am just restarting to learn Mandarin using Rocket Chinese because I had been too busy teaching and building new courses at my current school in China.
Positive: 1. Listening, Reading (in pinyin - latin script and Simplified - chinese script), Writing (initially in pinyin) and speaking is available from the very first lesson. 2. Step by step in a logical fashion based on what would seem to be logical needs of a person new to learning the language. 3. Clear and colourful interface that is easy to follow. 4. There are now cute little incentive badges that give you a sense of your progress. These complement the already colourful interface, but I think this is helpful for both younger and older learners While I like the course layout very much, there are just a couple of tiny problems that I suspect will be addressed quite quickly on the technical side. 1. I haven't yet figured out how to prevent my browser (Firefox) from asking permission everytime RocketChinese wants to use the camera/microphone. Because I am used to the 7/24 customer service, email is obviously slower, but their responses are usually within 24 hours... so, not intolerable. 2. The keyboard provided allows one to click on pinyin characters, but unfortunately has to be switched back and forth to English characters. I think it would be better to have a larger keyboard so that one doesn't have to switch. It takes a long time just to enter a couple of expressions and this is a significant disincentive to learning the writing...