Julissa Perez

Rocket Korean

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I'm just at a beginner's level, but so far I like the lessons. I searched for a long time for a Korean program online. The program is very useful because it includes not only a language section but also lessons on writing skills. Other systems only teach you the vocabulary use in everyday life but nothing more. It is user friendly. With just a click you can view all the lessons and you don't have to use different CD's or books. The system is very organized, with every part having images, audio, and written sections. I have used other programs to learn different languages, but this one is the best so far. I like that you have the opportunity to interact with someone if any problem arises with the lessons. It is great that it has a test section were you can really review your progress. The survival kit section is very useful. The Rocket Fuel emails are a good way to keep track of new things and make you remember that if you want your learning experience to be effective you have to practice constantly. I will definitely recommend this program to anyone who really wants to learn Korean.