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I really enjoy studying with Rocket Arabic. It is a pleasant and practical course which makes you work without causing stress and frustration. I started some years ago but then left it and managed to forget a lot... but recently I have begun anew as I felt it was a great shame just to abandon it all and not to take the opportunity to learn this charming language. Rocket Arabic kept sending me the Rocket Fuel and this also helped to spur me up again. However, after I'd gone through the whole course for the first time, I happened to go to Egypt and had a wonderful time trying to practice. My colleagues there were quite excited about it and therefore also very helpful. There is a lesson about hiring a taxi - and it literally happened! It was ever so funny: whatever the taxi driver said to me was as if taken from the "book", so I simply replied with the answers I had learned in the course! "Akid", it was very satisfactory and gratifying.