Andrew Scheuering

Rocket Chinese Illinois , United States

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Let me start by saying that this really is a great program; I never in my life thought I would be speaking and writing (and reading) Mandarin so quickly. The lessons are comprehensive and I love the variation with the different things you can do. I especially love how straightforward and interactive both the audio and writing lessons are. Honestly I could go on about what I like, so needless to say I give it 5 stars.
There is only one negative thing that I can think of. When I decided to purchase the 99.99 online lifetime access, I was offered a ten dollar reduction in price coupled with a little bonus "survival kit". Upon clicking the appropriate button to make my purchase, I was then offered a slightly reduced price on the second level (premium plus), but I declined the offer. Upon declining, I was then offered the same upgrade for a whopping half off what it originally was. Now I'm very happy that I got both levels for a greatly reduced price, but I can't help but feel sorry for the people who got so caught up in the hype that they missed out on the even better deal. Aside from that, it really is a great program and I can tell by how quickly I'm already learning that I made the right choice.