Joshua Payne

Rocket Japanese Chandler, Arizona

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The interactive audio lessons are so fun, non-stressful, and easy to use. I love the feature that allows me to input translations just by highlighting the words in the conversation and then test myself by going through it on my own. I download the lessons I'm working on and listen to them in the car or at work. I've already recommended Rocket Languages to most of my family and friends! Rocket Languages is nearly perfect but one thing I'd like to see at some point is more audio reviews with different uses of the words from the lesson and a review covering literally everything up to the present point. So if I'm at lesson 1.3, i'd like to see a review covering 1.0-1.3 on it. Or if I'm at lesson 3.2, I'd like to review 1.0-3.2 at some point to make sure I haven't forgotten the basics.