barbara wachter

Rocket French Lindau

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This course is simply perfect. I just love it, especially for the opportunity it offers to write the sentences one hears. I also like the way it is easy to download mp3 files onto my smartphone to learn at the gym or when travelling on trains, etc.
Being able to click on the sentences again and again until the words are finally absorbed is also a luxury which I appreciate in modern language learning on the computer. The possibilities for learning are endless with Rocket. If you get tired of one type of exercise you can try out another- there are so many ways to work on the four skills i.e. listening, reading, writing and speaking which are imperative for mastering a language. Learning is truly inspirational and fun on this website. I have already tried out my French in Paris, and had many fantastic moments talking to waiters and waitresses, taxi drivers, hotel clerks, people on the street, shop people, etc. Next trip I will try to have longer conversations. All of this accelerated learning would not have been possible without Rocket because my confidence in my progress has never been higher. Many thanks to Claire and Paul for their hard work, and all the other unidentified voices on Rocket French recordings.