patricia zombro

Rocket Spanish york Pa.

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Rocket Languages is the best way to learn Spanish that I have found. I am 74 years old and can learn at my own pace. When I have time to sit down and study, without being in a class room situation which would not work for me at my age, since I take longer to learn things. I can go back to any lesson that I want to review and find out if I am spelling the words with the right accent on the particular letters in the words, with the small keyboard to help me put the accent marks on the letters. I don't have a mic but I might get one, then I can use the entire course as it should be used. I am enjoying this so much. I have Spanish friends who invited us to their daughter's Quinceanera, since I have not been studying very long I was not able to have a conversation, but did pick up a few words from their conversations at the party.