Jeanne Dennis

Rocket Chinese

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Rocket Chinese fits the way I learn, and I was very happy to find it. I like the way it gives me options for learning and review instead of just drilling me. And I can go back and review anything I need to, anytime. The way the program is designed, I control my own learning, and I like that. The order of teaching makes sense, the cultural information is very helpful, and the reminders by email from Lin Ping help keep me focused and encourage me to add some variety to my program.
I think the best feature is the ability to record myself and compare it both aurally and visually with the teacher's recording of the same word or phrase. In level one, even though Dave is fun and very good, I do wish both teachers were native speakers for an accurate accent, at least for the recording parts of the lessons. I've just started learning to write the characters, and so far, that teaching looks great too. I haven't gotten into the games too much, but I think they're helpful for stretching me beyond my comfort level. The point system encourages me to reach for the next goal, and that's fun and rewarding. Overall, I love the program and I would recommend it to any English speaker who is motivated to learn Mandarin Chinese.