Tory Wiedenkeller

Rocket Arabic Los Osos, CA

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I'm not sure how long I've been using the Rocket Arabic course, but before using it, I had tried some of the other courses available on the market. but met with unsatisfactory results. I find Rocket Language's Arabic course to be the most helpful, useful, and enjoyable course available. It offers the best features and tools for language learning. It also offers relevant and practical vocabulary.
I am especially happy that this course focuses on Egyptian Arabic because it is the dialect I am most interested to learn. Rocket Arabic has boosted my confidence in speaking with the Egyptian friends I have, and many of those whom I've known since before I started using Rocket's Arabic course have commented on my improvements in speaking Arabic since using Rocket Language's course. I feel the course has also helped me to better understand Arabic when I hear it spoken. I feel that Rocket Language's lesson format is very helpful, and I especially appreciate being able to listen to the lessons in my car, or on my mp3 player. Also having the option of viewing the lessons in text form to better understand words I hear during the course is a valuable resource. I have recommended Rocket Languages courses to many friends and colleagues who want to learn a second or third language. Thanks, Rocket Languages, and Amira Zaki, for creating this wonderful course. It has helped me enormously. Alf shokr. -Tory W.