Sari Chairani

Rocket French

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For some people, learning languages is as easy as 1, 2, 3. They can visit a foreign speaking country for a week and boom, they absorb most of the basic survival words like "hello, good morning", "my name is", "thank you", and "geez you are so cute, what is your number".
Not me. I am as thick as a brick. I have tried 3 different language providers before Rocket languages and all 3 do nothing but making my brain burnt. Rocket languages use elearning method which is very convenient for me. I can set my own pace. Everytime I feel overwhelmed, I slow down a bit, go back to my previous lesson and/or have a day off. They utilise the logic of english language to make sense of french language so it just clicks easily. And have I mentioned Paul & Claire are very funny? Rocket languages is a very fun way to learn!