Rodrigo Gomes

Rocket French São Paulo

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I'm brazilian, I learnt English after one year in classic school plus two years on line course. Since last year I was planning to learn French but couldn't find any good online course. After I saw an job opportunity in Canada I made a contact with a French school here in Brazil recognized by French Government called Alliance Française but they are very expensive and it takes too much time which I haven't. So, after I got the prices I searched for the meaning of Bonjour on Google I clicked in a link and in another and found this amazing site. Did my 6 day trial and joined forever. I'm very excited and I already have plan to start Hindi in one year from now (I was in India 3 times working, in the north they speak a mix of local language called Punjab plus Hindi. Sometimes they mixed it with some English words, watched it on TV there). I have plan to Italian language course too.