Rachel Piggott

Rocket Spanish

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I got Rocket Spanish four years ago after much hemming and hawing. I wanted to become a bilingual Spanish teacher for elementary grades (I did ;). I was preparing for 6 weeks of Spanish Language immersion in Costa Rica, and wanted to make the most of my time there. I didn't want to waste time learning the Basics in a foreign country.
I started with the Premium program, because I was leery of the cost and not sure of the quality. I was quickly convinced it was a solid investment, and decided Premium Plus would be a worthwhile. I had a great time in Costa Rica, and felt like my Spanish foundations were solid. I love Mauricio, and especially his mom. I enjoyed the audio conversations, so listening to them was never a chore. Here I am four years later, and now I need to learn Chinese (my fiance is Chinese, and his family is visiting soon, for the wedding :). I've looked at lots of programs, and I am having as much trouble as when I was looking for Spanish programs. I thought I should give Rocket Languages another shot. I logged in to my old account, No Problem!!! It's been four years, I was expecting my account to have been de-actived. Nope, it was waiting for me the whole time. Reflecting on my positive Spanish experience, I'm going to give Rocket Chinese a try. I am optimistic I will be able to leave another glowing review.