Alan Brailsford

Rocket Spanish Wilmington, NC

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I first want to say that I have had a Rocket Spanish membership since 2008. I had let the product sort of go to the back of my Spanish learning toolbox as I was pursuing my degree in Social Work, and as part of this I had to take a language at my university, which of course, since my husband is from Mexico, I chose Spanish. I did, too, purchase Rosetta Stone, and have used that in addition to the classes I took at the university, however the one BIG difference between Rocket Spanish and Rosetta Stone is the subscription basis for the online component of Rosetta Stone. This has, over the time that I have used it, made Rosetta Stone extremely expensive. Recently I have started to use Rocket Spanish again, and after a little confusion in the online testing area (was not realizing that the "reveal" button was below the fold, so could not understand how to move forward) I have become completely enamored with it. So many nuances of the language were made clear by explanations that Amy gives as part of the audio portion of the program. Additionally the testing where the student takes the role of Amy or Mauricio is just fantastic. Being able to hear, and respond, to both sides of a conversation increases the ability to both speak and comprehend spoken Spanish. After letting this incredible resource languish for a good many years I am now, for the first time, studying every single day. In the last month I have not missed a single day of Spanish study. I want to thank Rocket Languages for NOT going the subscription route. I am grateful that I have purchased this program and that it is STILL available to me. I do know that because of this the money that I would have paid to Rosetta Stone to continue my online subscription with them will be used, very soon, to utilize the private tutors that are available to Rocket Spanish learners. Again, thank you for this incredible learning system. I am, everyday, excited to study Spanish now. I can't wait to be with my husband again and see his reaction to my increased Spanish language abilities.