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Rocket Japanese

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Rocket Japanese is amazing. Since it includes interactive audio lessons, I find it much easier compared to going to the bookstore and buy a book with all this stuff. Because of this audio lessons I find it easier to pronounce Japanese words and I can also assure that you will learn the correct pronunciation using this interactive audio lessons since one of the hosts is a native Japanese speaker. Another thing I liked about it is you can download the audio file and also the pdf file that goes with it, and you can study the language offline. There are also games which you can play that serves as a review or a test for you which is really fun to do. Its set up of how to learn this language is not boring. Its really fun to learn a language with the interactive audio lessons. It seems like you are having a one on one lesson with a friend who is a native speaker of the language you are trying to learn. And I really admire Sayaka and Kenny since they always sound so enthusiastic to teach Japanese language in every audio lessons.
Being a Jrock fan I think Rocket Japanese is one of the reasons why I am now able to communicate to other fans in a better way. And also, now I can understand some lyrics from the Jrock songs I'm listening to without any translations. Thanks Rocket Japanese!