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Rocket Spanish Oakhurst

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I spent three months in "immersion" in Mexico being frustrated by my progress in classes and one-on-one tutoring. So, I embarked on a concentrated self-guided journey to find better online learning resources ... I found a lot of good ones, some even very good but the more I learned, the more I was frustrated by not finding a site that put everything together. I wanted a road map!
Then I found Rocket Spanish which is absolutely brilliant and offers everything I was looking for. Now, instead of trying to create my own map, I can spend my time studying, testing myself, listening, speaking, writing, building vocabulary, absorbing grammar, perfecting my pronunciation ... all in an enjoyable, supportive environment. Too many people fail in their language efforts (I know ... I did for 25 years!). Rocket Spanish can help everyone reach their goals, whether they just want to have a few phrases to make travel more interesting or want to read Pablo Neruda in the original. This is the best deal I know of for any price ... and that it is so reasonable just makes it that much better.