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I have been using the trial version for less than 2 weeks, and have already Astounded people with my little French. For example today I ran into a French mother and daughter. With the little French spoke they thought I was french! They couldn't believe my accent and were impressed. The interactive dialogue is great and the words were pronounced so clear for me. The design of this software and learning structure is fantastic! It allows me to repeat and answer questions to the pint that it sounds native! I started a French course in parallel and its triple the cost and doesn't compare. The Cd I got with the book is just crappy compared! I have studied a different language before - before the Internet and I wish someone could of given me all the tips I am reading that rocket French provides for free!. Rocket French has compiled a lot of information, advice and recommendations which is probably taken for granted. It's truly a wonderful experience learning online with a support forum for the language and IT. This online trial kit exceeds my expectations! Well done to you all Who Made this product a reality!