Sarah Gallego

Rocket Spanish Florida

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I have just finished my Free Trial. During this period, I also tried several other competitor free trials, and used all of the comparing the similarities and differences. *Rosetta Stone was easily dismissed as I did not think they did well with phrase translations, but only focused on the single word. * There were a couple others, that were just too expensive, so that was an easy "No". * Spanishpod101 was very similar to RocketSpanish, but did not have the progress dashboard, and quite frankly, they had more unnecessary humor and comments in some of their dialogs that were not relative to the language learning. * Rocket Spanish was more geared to the learner. They keep encouraging routine practice, and the dashboard monitors your progress. Breaking down words into exact pronunciation has really helped me, and I only had the free trial !!! In summary, Rocket Spanish, in my opinion was the best language course for me at the best price. I would definitely recommend to a friend. Special Thanks to Margaret G. at Rocket Spanish Customer Support for answering all my questions and really REALLY helping me out :-)