Jim Jasmin

Rocket Spanish Hidden Valley Lake

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The feature that allows one to record and then listening to yourself as compared to the instructor has been a great help to me in learning the pronunciation. I enjoy using the Beginner's Spanish PDF book along with each lesson to look up word meanings and deeper usage help as I go through a lesson for the first time. I have found that the self-test ordering is the best sequence for my learning. I found that it is much easier to hear the phrase in Spanish and then say what it means than it is to read the English and then say it in Spanish (the "Know it" test). It forces me to learn to think in the language and gives me a strong memorization exercise to get the vocabulary down much more solidly. This is my second purchase from Rocket languages, having previously taken Rocket Italian. We were taking a vacation to Southern Italy at the time and would be driving in areas where English was not commonly spoken. I did not have much time to get up to speed before leaving but managed to get though about half of the beginner's course. It was enough to get us out of several jams we got into when getting lost and asking for directions, as well as recovering from taking a bus to the wrong place and trying to recover from that. Based on that previous experience, I had no hesitation in purchasing Rocket Spanish for our next vacation to Spain. I find that I am willing to put much more effort into the lessons this time around as I know it will serve me well. I also find that I am also enjoying this experience much more than the first exposure to Rocket. I have been recommending Rocket languages to everyone based on my experience and confidence levels.