Elizabeth Matthews

Rocket German

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This is a great program. I've been using Rocket German for 16 days. So far, I've learned how to introduce myself, ask for help, tell time, count in german up to...one million, make some simple comparative statements, order a meal, and ask for directions/buy transportation tickets. Now, bear in mind, that I am spending at least 2 hours daily learning.. (which may be more than most can do).....but it's only been two weeks of time. If you want to learn a second (or third) language, then I think that this is the way to do it. As a point of comparison, I've spent years learning French in a traditional classroom environment..now... I am at an advanced level, but it took YEARS and thousands of dollars in tuition and a long stay in France to achieve this. I've also spent 6 months learning Russian in a classroom setting (again spending already hundreds of dollars) and I can say MORE in German ..having the Rocket course as my only exposure. In my opinion, with Rocket you avoid unmotivated teachers, boring textbooks and often the long span of time in between class sessions, because you can proceed daily. The tests are excellent and really reinforce all of the concepts and vocabulary. The grammar instruction in the Rocket course is concise, but does cover the main points of the mechanics of the language and there are multiple examples given. One thing I would like to see is some supplementary videos or audio files in German so that we could receive more native speaker input that is not directly in the lesson.