Chris Fornino

Rocket Chinese Ocean Gate , NJ

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I had used Living Language's NOOK tablet app, which opened my eyes to just how helpful computer-based language learning could be. I also tried Rosetta's app. As I researched available systems, I discovered Rocket Languages Chinese (Mandarin). After only a few weeks' study, using Rocket Chinese, I was able to greet,and exchange pleasantries with ,Dr Paul Lam,in his native Mandarin! He even complimented me on my correct use of tones, then asked how I learned. Of course, I was thrilled to tell him about Rocket Chinese. The Rocket Chinese course really brings the language alive ;while allowing the learner to progress at their own pace. I wish the Premium Plus level had more exposition of grammar; but overall, Rocket Languages provides unbeatable "bang-for-your-buck". Using Rocket Chinese, I have reached a level where I can now start to use more- traditional, book based grammars,and make sense of the material- whereas, before , the books were just mute, and cryptic, and I just was not absorbing the lessons. Rocket is the way to go!