John K Flynn

Rocket French

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Here I go again, I thought! Yet another attempt to learn a language I have been studying from the age of 11 years. I am now nearly 70. I just don't seem to be grasping the speaking part! I can understand reasonably well what is spoken to me, but by the time the brain cells function and my mouth begins to open another topic as been started. Enter Rocket Language, stage left. Brilliant! I can start where I want. I can dip in, dip out, go back, go forward, become extremely studious or just forget it. Just what I need for my type of lifestyle. To top it all there are those little stealthy reminders that gnaw on your conscience sending little waves of guilt through the synapses of your brain. Would I recommend it? Yes! It encourages me to keep moving sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, but ever forward. Kieran