Marilyn Albright

Rocket Spanish Alaska

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I first bought Rocket Spanish many years ago after a trip to Costa Rica and Guatemala. I had taken Spanish at my local college, but after the trip it was quite obvious that I needed lots of practice, and Rocket Spanish provided the means in a fun and entertaining way! Understanding the other person is the most difficult part for me, and the way RS is presented, with the conversations and explanations, is by far the best I have seen in any program.
As my Spanish level (and travels) advanced, I continued to use RS for review, and gladly bought the Advanced Level 2. I hope someday I'll be ready for Level 3! Rocket Spanish was extremely well thought through in its development and gives plenty of practice in all areas of language learning. The explanations are clear, the speaking is easy to understand (oh, if only everyone would speak that clearly!!), and the cultural information is informative. Oaxaca is my home for 5-6 months of every year, and I continue to use RS for learning and reviewing. Thanks for such a great program, and yes, I have recommended it to friends and family.