Cynthia Baldon

Rocket Spanish El Mirage, AZ

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I have always wanted to learn Spanish, so when I found out that my library carried this as a free program, I was super excited. I just had to try it out! :) I LOVE IT! It is a simply great teaching program. It is amazing! I love that they take the time to teach you the Spanish alphabet, as this is something that none of the other programs I have looked at teach, and I always thought that I would like to learn it, like I would if I were a kid in a Spanish school, learning the basics, including the alphabet and sounds first. They do a great job with that, and have quite impressed me! Also, I especially enjoy that they teach you by you seeing the word in both English and Spanish, and then hearing it pronounced in Spanish. I think that it is a great way to get the knowledge and learn! I Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!! :) I highly recommend it!